About Us​


Our Mission

TechStaar has a mission to help Medical Experts in saving precious lives by managing their Biomedical and technological needs with an expert team of Engineer that works 24*7 to provide the fastest and most accurate real time solutions.

Our Vision

TechStaar’s vision is to change the 50% chance that a not working equipment will take one’s life, to an 100% chance that the patient survives.

Why choose us?

By managing the entire roles & responsibilities of a biomedical engineer. We help Medical Centers to make the entire process very smooth and error free.

By providing a breakdown less environment. We help organizations by managing their equipment maintenance department.

Calibration is the process in which we required to make the corrections in Medical equipment if needed. and make sure that every equipment should give the right output results.

By managing staff training’s of medical centers, we help doctors to decrease their hectic working into smooth working.

We provides Medical
Equipment’s on RENT that
helps doctor as well as
patients to manage equipment
availability for each & every

We provides round the clock support for all type of medical equipment over call as well as on-site support too.

Our Impact!

Breakdown Resolved
Repairing Station's
Active Engineer's

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